How to Keep Balance in Everyday Life - Take-Aways From BaliSpirit Festival " />


How to Keep Balance in Everyday Life - Take-Aways From BaliSpirit Festival

BaliSpirit Festival is a multi-dimensional festival of music, movement, and magic, raising the vibration of the Earth, each individual and helping participants to find healing in nature, community, as well as in mind, body, and soul. As the theme of this years' festival was to restore the balance, the workshops all conveyed many ways in how to adapt that to everyday life, through physical movement, energy maintenance, and playfulness. Read what I learned at BaliSpirit Festival about how to stay balanced.

1. Attend a festival

First of all, going to a festival in and of itself is already a way to find balance. It's a treat you give yourself, a time out from your normal life and a playground for new ideas. It's a way to refresh your being and come back renewed and re-balanced!

2. Honor our planet and see the bigger picture

Another theme that kept coming back throughout the festival was the reference to mother Earth. Most artists and presenters spoke about how to take care of the planet, how to reduce energy consumption not only for oneself but also for the greater good of all and ultimately nature since nature is what balances us. That's definitely a takeaway and a reminder, of seeing the bigger picture, and understanding where our individual actions tie in with global happenings.

3. Me-time vs. Community

BaliSpirit Festival offered a multitude of ways to experience the connection to nature, to the collective, but also to oneself as part of a bigger eco-system. From sacred ceremonies, to music lessons on the lawn, therapy sessions in water, dancing in open spaces, empowerment workshops in groups, yoga lessons, chill-out time in the garden, meditation and healing workshops, there was a way to find balance through alone time and community for everyone, no matter which background they were coming from.

4. Balance through variety

Furthermore, coming to a festival with that much variety is a good way to find out what exactly in all these different workshops brings you back to balance, and what exactly lights you up, which inspiration you can take home and establish in everyday life.

For me it was a reminder to stay close to nature, balance activity with relaxation, and find balance through variety, such as non-spiritual and spiritual workshops, wild dance and soft guided meditations, evening activities and morning classes, always checking in what my energy required in each moment.

5. Moving vs. Resting

Another great take-away was the grounding practice of simple physical movement through the room, such as the FitArts class and the Brazilian Samba session, which is something I can incorporate more into my daily life. And with all the cacao and ecstatic dance on the festival, going to a gentle guided meditation would usually not have been my primary choice, but actually turned out to be exactly what I needed! It's all about the right combination of grounding practices and energy healing, movement, and stillness.

BaliSpirit Festival - How to keep the balance

6. Heart vs. Head

The workshop about feminine leadership was also a great reminder of maintaining balance through balancing the heart with the head, the feminine with the masculine and the emotions with the rational mind. It showed simple ways in which to connect to each other, trust the guidance of the heart and slow down the mind.

Some of the yoga classes which were more daring than the usual traditional ones, also reminded me in finding the joy and fun in mixed practices, that combine structure with free form movement, dance, and intuitive flow. Leaving the usual rut to find new pathways of creativity, connection and ideas is a fun way to practice and to re-discover balance. 

7. Establish little ceremonies

The ceremonies and rituals taking place at the festival were also good reminders on how to incorporate prayer, invocation, receptivity and calling in the Divine into everyday life. Sometimes it's the soft and gentle practices that turn a switch and bring the balance in unexpected ways! Saying yes to life, yes to your dreams and yes to your desires!

8. Travel to Bali

Apart from that, taking a trip to Bali is always a way to restore the balance, as the healing energy of the Island of the Gods and Goddesses does its own magic! Jungles, rice fields, Balinese raw cacao, kombucha, healthy food and fresh juices, smiling people, daily prayers, rituals and a general sense of harmony create balance on its own.
Even the lifestyle of Bali is something to learn from and take home, to balance play and prayer, ritual and everyday activity and to rejoice in the beauty that is surrounding us, the deliciousness of healing food and simple acts of service and simplicity.

Written by Anne Haack intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ.

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