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How To Embrace Rain at the Festival

BaliSpirit Festival is taking place in a beautiful lush green surrounding which amplifies the great energy of the festival. Most of our workshop pavilions do have a roof but to keep the energy flowing, they are still quite open. The whole venue is embedded in nature and mostly open air, so when the typical rain season rain begins, it can happen that you get wet. If you are like most of us, you will embrace that shower of nature. It is an important part of all Balinese ceremonies and even considered a blessing when it rains during one. Rain nourishes the earth and brings life to our planet, that is why we should always welcome it.

How to embrace rain at a festival

So here comes our list of tips on how to embrace rain during a festival.

Let’s start with the practical things...

  1. Bring extra clothes

  2. Have water-ok shoes like flipflops, or just go barefoot

  3. Have water proof bag

  4. Bring an umbrella and/or

  5. Bring a poncho

  6. Bring a towel that dries easily

  7. Take a look above and around you. Do not look for shelter under coconut trees or other plants/constructions that can easily break or fall down when a heavy storms come with the rain.

  8. Be aware of slippery surfaces

How to embrace rain at a festival.

And continue with some tips for mindset and mood:

  1. THINK POSITIVE and consider the rain a blessing.

  2. DANCE...we all know the famous dancing in the rain scene, so just go for it.

  3. RELAX...every moment is exactly as it is meant to be

  4. CONNECT...with yourself or others. You will be either trapped alone or with somebody. So a great chance to just be and connect with yourself or the people you are surrounded with in that moment.

Having said that you should not let rain take away your joy of a great event. In the end you made it to the festival grounds for a reason. Just try to stay in the moment and accept whatever is and the sun rays will kiss your skin again soon.

How to embrace rain at a festival

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