The Power of Women's Ceremonies Today - Meet Dawn DelVecchio " />


The Power of Women's Ceremonies Today - Meet Dawn DelVecchio

Throughout history women have gathered in sacred circles, to share, to laugh, to build community and to deepen their spirituality. When women meet in circles a sacred space is formed, they listen and share, practice compassion and deepen their understanding to themselves and their fellow sisters around them.

In these transformative times, it is argued that uniting women in strong, supported communities and holding space for women to speak is more important now than ever.  In today's fast paced and continually evolving society, where can women find their voice, how can women embrace their femininity and their power, and ultimately reconnect to themselves and their sisters?

Dawn DelVecchio is a woman of many talents, a ceremony facilitator, spiritual counsellor, tarot reader and author to name a few. Dawn will be facilitating Women’s Ceremony and Tarot Reading Workshops at BaliSpirit Festival 2018. She found the path of yoga in 1986 and for over 30 years, Dawn has been committed to her work in helping women empower themselves through reawakening the Divine Feminine as part of the greater narrative of supporting humanity’s overall conscious evolution.

Dawn DelVechio Women's Ceremony in Bali

What is a women’s ceremony?

DAWN: Women’s ceremonies vary greatly, depending on the facilitator, the women present and the goal of the ceremony. Women have been gathering in circle from time immemorial, it is only during the past 5-6000 years that we have been separated from our natural sisterhood. Today, women are re-gathering to create sacred space all around the Earth. We are re-membering, re-claiming and re-connecting with the power of the feminine life force.

BaliSpirit Festival 2017 Women's Ceremony

What typically takes place in a women's ceremony that you facilitate?

DAWN: Our Ceremony will be divinely guided in service to what is needed most at that time. There are, however, some things you can expect. These include the creation of Sacred Space; a safe space of confidentiality and support where each woman can express her truth; laughter, chanting, dancing and wisdom teachings for reclaiming and embodying feminine power.

BaliSpirit Festival Dawn DelVecchio

What do you find most rewarding in your work?

DAWN: This is my Soul’s Work. As a Dedicated Priestess of the Goddess and Medicine Woman of the Earth, my commitment and calling is to be in service to the Re-Awakening of the Divine Feminine within us all and to the Re-Claiming of Human Sovereignty on Earth.

Why are women's ceremonies and circles particularly important for women today?

DAWN: For too many centuries, we have lived in a world that denigrates anything deemed “feminine” – including the Earth, Mother Gaia herself. Women have had to live in and carry with us a great deal of fear, guilt and shame, it has literally not been safe to be a woman. Sadly, in some parts of the world, this is still very true.

BaliSpirit Festival women

True leadership can no longer model the old template based on hierarchy, compulsive control, fear, domination and oppression of the feminine. This is why so many of us are feeling called to embody a new way of life. It is why we gather. It is why we create sacred space and re-weave our sisterhood connection.

NOW is the time of the remembering… of putting back together that which had been fragmented long ago: The sacredness of our bodies, our wisdom, our sisterhood, and life itself. The divine feminine is re-awakening here on earth and empowered feminine leaders are needed urgently!

It is time for Women to Lift as we Rise – into a new, life-affirming Earth.

What inspires you about Bali?

DAWN: I feel deeply connected to Southeast Asia in general. The arts, architecture and spiritual traditions of the region are rich with history and aesthetically pleasing to me. I have studied India’s artistic legacy in the region for almost 2 decades now and still don’t tire of the richness of these lands. What I love about Bali in particular is the gentleness and extraordinary creativity of the people, the way their religion and spiritual practices are infused in ALL of their art forms, and the jaw-dropping beauty of the island.

Dawn DelVecchio Womens Ceremony Facilitator in Bali praying

DAWN: Many people feel called to Bali. For some, their fantasy is far from fact, thanks to decades of media hype and movies like “Bali High” which have little connection to the truth of this sacred island. For others, the call is genuine, it’s the call of pilgrimage. A visit to Bali is well worth the effort, there is much to experience and learn here from the Balinese, whose way of life is one woven with spirit. I do have one caveat, however: please be respectful of the culture! It is easy enough to learn the basics of politeness and respect, we are guests after all.

Don’t miss Dawn DelVecchio at BaliSpirit Festival 2018, April 2-8. See the schedule here and book your tickets now!


Written by: Maeve Nelligan


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