Sacred Activism Webinar

We are proud to offer this webinar by Nadine McNeil in partnership with The Yoga Summit, a transformative online event.

What does heartfelt leadership look like?

‘Let your heart be your guide.’ Increasingly, organizational leaders are extending their leadership style from mostly logic-oriented to a more intuitive and heart-guided form. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of ‘yogapreneurship.’ Though, it can be challenging as a yogi to combine one’s individual practice of yoga, the deeply intimate process, with the business sustainability aspect.

In her webinar BaliSpirit Festival presenter Nadine McNeil shares her insights on how to find the balance between one's own relation to and experience with yoga and being successful as an entrepreneur.

In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • what sacred activism is
  • hallmarks of sacred activism
  • what heartfelt leadership is
  • how to practice heartfelt leadership as a yoga teacher

Nadine is a yoga teacher, speaker, transformational coach and humanitarian, embodying by her brand Universal Empress. Her mission involves igniting others to create and dwell in infinite possibility, and share the tenets of yoga within communities where it has been largely inaccessible.