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Dharma Fair Vendors


Vendor Applications are Now Open!

Dharma Fair Vending
Food, Snack, Products, Healing & Reading Services & NGOS

The Daytime Dharma Fair is a COMMUNITY MARKET, open to all pass holders as well as to Members of the public for a small entrance fee. Activities in the daytime market include: A Community Workshop tent featuring locally based bilingual yoga teachers, seminars and discussions; a non-for-profit information area; an area for Holistic Healers and Esoteric Readers; a fabulous KIDS ZONE (there are special entrances fees for this); a vibrant selection of mostly local vendors selling healthy organic foods (mostly vegan), locally made handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, gifts and more; and the fun filled COCO LOVE STAGE, a daytime music stage with a variety of international and national performers from 11am daily. Open daily from 09:00-17:00 at the daytime festival venue.

The Night Market is open during the One World One Stage concerts over the weekend and is open to all pass holders, but not to the public. Vendors include great local foods; an amazing array of product vendors; NGO booths; festival merchandise; a VIP lounge and a lively bar area with tropical drinks. Open 2 nights from 5pm until closing at the nighttime festival venue!

For inquiring vendors, participation in this event is not guaranteed. The Dharma Fair is curated and space is limited. Once your vendor request form has been submitted it will be added to a pool and selected by our vendor curating team on a rolling basis. If accepted, you will be notified, and then have 7 days to send your payment by bank transfer. Please do not send payment until you have received notification of your acceptance.

Those interested in applying can do so by choosing a category, a preferred market to vend in (night or day) and filling out the vendor request form below.

Thank you!

Fill out the short application form here.

The Spirit Team (Volunteer)

About the Spirit Team

So you want to help (volunteer) and join the Spirit Team for 2017? APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!

The Spirit Team helpers are magical beings! We are primarily here to support the logistical operations of the festival; however we are also the face of the festival. We are often the first and last face a person will see during the event. Without the dedicated support from our Spirit Team helpers, the festival simply could not take place.

Bali Spirit Festival 2017 is non-camping 7-day Yoga and Music event that has two venues at two separate locations: A daytime venue (focused on workshops and classes) and a nighttime venue (focused on music). There are three volunteer shifts - morning and afternoon at the daytime venue, and evening at the nighttime venue. Most shifts are 5 hours per day for 5 days. Helpers will be given one of these shifts to repeat daily. The majority of helpers are needed for the daytime. We will ask your preference for shift time and team you would like to be assigned to, but we cannot make any guarantees. We will send our first wave of acceptance emails in December 2016, where we fill the majority of our Spirit Team Helper needs. After that we will still receive applications, but only accept helpers as needed.

Our actions matters - Our Spirit matters!
One smile, hug of support and recognition, “you are welcome here” can be enough to change a person’s entire experience. It can change their lives. The average attendee may not remember what we did, but they will look back on the festival and remember the Spirit our actions created, and the kindness and love we shared.
This is a sacred position. We are the keepers of the fire. We hold the space for the community to dance, make music and embody their truest and newest selves.

Steps to become a Volunteer

To become a Spirit Team Helper you must want to be of service to this community and event, supporting the Bali Spirit Festival Vision and everyone involved. You must also meet these five basic requirements:

  1. You must read the FAQ and Readme document here: Spirit Team FAQ and Readme (please do so before emailing us)
  2. You must be in Ubud and available for the FULL duration of the festival from Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 26, 2017.
  3. You must meet passport and immigration requirements. This website provides some basic general information, but please check your local embassy for the latest and specific information.
  4. You must complete and submit the BSF Spirit Team Application 2017
  5. If accepted – and to confirm your spot on the team - you need to pay the USD $50 Impact Fee online. A web address will be provided where you can pay online using a payment card. This fee is reduced for Indonesian Citizens.


Please be patient while we review your application. We will let you know by email if you have been accepted.

When you are confirmed and part of the Spirit Team 2017...

We will invite you to join the Spirit Team Facebook group, allowing us to provide quick updates and reminders; and allows you to connect with the whole community of Spirit Team Members. You can also then book your flights and make other travel arrangements. We will provide you with information regarding accommodation, transportation and other useful and needed info to make your experience fun and stress-free . Please note that initial acceptance will not include your allocated position, as this will be confirmed by March 2017.

What is it like being part of the Spirit Team?

Check out this article to get an idea.

Workshop Presenters


Presenter applications for BaliSpirit Festival 2017 are now CLOSED. We look forward to seeing your application for 2018 when applications open again in April 2017!


Visual Artists


Thank you for your interest in Bali Spirit Festival 2017. Please send an email to to apply to be a part of the festival.


Music Presenters


Thank you for your interest in Bali Spirit Festival 2017. Please send an email with your information to by November 1, 2016 to apply to perform at the festival.




Accreditation for Media at BaliSpirit Festival 2017 is now closed. Media Accreditation Form will open again for BaliSpirit Festival 2018 in November 2017. See you next year!"