Founded by a trio of visionaries in 2007, the BaliSpirit Festival is sustained by an amazing core team, supported by a variety of international volunteers that change annually; together they form the dynamic and multicultural ‘Spirit Team’.

As a group, we work together, aligned to the festival MISSION & VISION.

Our MISSION is to maintain this annual event so that it can achieve its #1 goal: to catalyse infinite potential within each individual who walks through our festival gates.
In doing so, we follow our VISION: to inspire a generation of change makers, leading to positive change in our local communities, and thereby, around the world.

If you would like to be part of the global shift and work with us on the above, we seek volunteers and, on occasion, additions to our core team, especially in the roles of Event Management, Logistics, Administration, and Non-Profit Development, Sponsorships/Business Development.

As we mostly take on volunteers, consider filling out our spirit team application.

However, if you are interested in joining the core team, please email us. Make sure you include your BaliSpirit Festival in the subject line, your CV and an intro letter: