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Giving Back - Festival Outreach Projects

Recognized as philanthropists and pioneers within the Social Entrepreneurship Movement, the BaliSpirit Festival Founders and family are committed to supporting the Balinese community by providing support for effective and ongoing CSR programs.

Over the past six years, the Festival has worked alongside partner organizations to raise over USD$65,000 for its annual outreach programs in environmental awareness, children's education and community health—principally the awareness initiative.

AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS

In 2012, the newly launched bamboo reforestation program in East Bali.

Bali ReGreen

In 2013, BaliSpirit Festival has continued to run the AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS awareness programs and host the annual Ubud HIV Awareness Concert (held on December 2013), with support from sponsors such as Teh Kotak, Sutra Condoms, Fiesta Condoms and Desa Seni.

Additionally in 2014, the Festival will partner with some new, FANTASTIC, organizations, including:


a US-based organization dedicated to encouraging the use of spoken Balinese lang¬uage and the written Balinese script.

Project Clean Uluwatu

PCU plans to one-day turn the world famous Uluwatu Surf Break with its associated marine and land environments into a pristine and healthy World Surfing Reserve for the benefit of the Coastal Community for present and future generations.


Camp Magic's program thrives on cultural exchange and promoting a bridge of understanding between the different worlds we live in.