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composting & seedling bamboo development, controlling, irrigation, empowering local community and farmer

Bali ReGreen

"Our commitment to the environment and the people of Bali is not just in message, but in action as well," – Kadek Gunarta, Festival Co-Founder and Cultural Liaison

On 2011, Yayasan Kryasta Guna & BaliSpirit Festival partnered up with Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF), Arief Rabiek to support reforestation and local community development in Ban Village Karangasem, a barren region in East Bali. The project led to the launch of Bali ReGreen Program, an environmental act and consciousness campaign dedicated to the ecological recovery in Bali.

bali-regreen-meetingThe Bamboo Reforestation Project had been launched in partnership with EBF in Ban Village Karangasem 2011 - 2012 and development program was continued to Songan B Village Kintamani Bangli Mount Batur, Central Bali within 2013 - 2017 (sustainable program) assisted by Teh Kotak as the main sponsor and several other supporting partners, while keeping the focus on the education, making compost, cultivation of bamboo seedlings, irrigation system, Bamboo farmers group implementation and livestock farmers, local community empowerment economically and environmentally.

The bamboo planting had been started from the farmers' and village's unproductive land so it will not bother the main plants. Controlling Program was determined together between the community and the trainers every 1 to 3 months, adjusting with the next development program.

bali-regreen-teamApril 21, 2013, the Bamboo planting program Phase I had covered Dusun Alengkong and Dusun Bukit Sari of Songan B Village Kintamani Bangli with 390 seedlings, represented by 5 farmers from each. In December 22, 2013, the Bamboo planting program Phase II has 4000 seedlings, donated by KTI (Karya Tangan Indah). The success for this long term environmental program was accommodated by Nengah Mandiasa as the chief of dusun Alengkong and I Ketut Suastika as the farmers coordinator on site had built the enthusiasm of the community of Mount Batur in planting bamboo. Of 12 hamlets spread out off the hill from Songan B Village, in 2014, Bali ReGreen are going to continue the program to other Banjars as well.

In 2013, Bali ReGreen also facilitate and support Field Work Class – Study on Local Community Empowerment by Gadjah Mada University (KKN - PPM UGM) program, for over 2 months with 30 students. The activities were Science-Technology Cluster, Agro Cluster, Health Doctor Cluster and Socio Humanities Cluster categories.

Camp & Plant activities for schools were joined by Green School students, nature study out of class by planting bamboos and camping in dusun Alengkong.


How YOU can help?

You can support this initiative in the following ways:

For more information about this essential environmental project, watch the Bali ReGreen documentary video at http://youtu.be/Cxf5PJ-myBk.

Through its Karma (Giving Back) programs, since 2008 the BaliSpirit Festival has helped to raise over USD $65,000 for its annual outreach initiatives, including children's programs, multi-cultural collaborations, HIV & AIDS awareness and environmental programs.