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Hari Cinta Keluarga - BaliSpirit Festival

Hari Cinta Keluarga 2014!



A Community Day of Bilingual Classes, Performances & Workshops for Families and Children with proceeds funding Outreach Programs

Sunday March 23rd, 2014 from 9:00am to 5:00pm – Purnati Center for the Arts, Batuan

For tickets and entrance information, see below.

On Sunday March 24th the festival ends with the annual HARI CINTA KELUARGA at Purnati Center for the Arts in Batuan, just outside of Ubud followed by another evening of amazing world music concerts at ARMA, Jln. Pengosekan, Ubud.

Hari Cinta Keluarga (We Love Family Day) brings together families, especially those from the expat and Balinese community, giving everybody the chance to experience the Festival at a discounted price with Balinese coming in for a donation. Hari Cinta Keluarga features a diverse range of non-stop, bilingual workshops & performances aimed at children and their families. Main facilitators for this day will be Yayasan Basa Bali, Camp Magic Arts program and Rainbow Kids Yoga, both from Australia. The elderly are also invited and encouraged to join in the fun and inspiring events. Classes have included yoga, acting, circus & hoop arts, African dance, ecstatic dance, and Indonesian music, meditation, and arts and crafts. We are especially blessed to have many of our top guest presenters teach free community classes this year.

The kids programming line-up will be all confirmed by March 1, keep checking this link for more info: kids programs.

Apart from the opportunity to join amazing workshops, Hari Cinta Keluarga also offers families the chance to learn much more about community and family services that matter, such as; Community Health, Family Planning, Growing & Using Bamboo, Saving Seeds, Coping with Disasters, and Environmental Management.

Hari Cinta Keluarga and Daytime Dharma Fair Entrance Information:

Children must have a KIDS EXPLORER PASS to enter. Adults must have a Festival Pass or a Dharma Fair Stamp to Enter.

CHILDREN are permitted into the BaliSpirit Festival Dharma Fair (Purnati) and Night Concerts (ARMA), but they must purchase a KID's EXPLORER PASS***. The Kids Explorer Pass can be found at either venue's sales booth.

ADULTS** are admitted into the DAYTIME Dharma Fair buy purchasing a Dharma Fair HAND STAMP for the day. The colors of the stamp will change daily. For the Night Market one must purchase a Night Music Pass in order to gain entrance. Full VIP Pass Holders, Full Festival Pass holders, Weekend Pass Holders, VIP Night Pass Holders & Full Concert Pass Holders (not single night pass holders) have free entrance to the daytime Dharma Fair.

  • Kids Explorer Pass Rp.150,000**
  • Adults Rp.50,000 (This stamp allows you access into lunchtime performances and the Dharma Fair but not workshops)*
  • Children and Adults with a Balinese KTP, by donation*

IMPORTANT: **All children under 12 must be accompanied by a care-giver. If caregiver is not attending workshops or shopping, the caregivers will be given a limited access to the main festival grounds to take the kids on walks or to swim in the afternoon. Passes and entrance stamps available at the gate.

For more info on ticketing, see: http://balispiritfestival.com/tickets#kids_tickets


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