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Line Up - BaliSpirit Festival

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Music Presenter Bio - BaliSpirit Festival 2015


Dustin Thomas

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love—these are just a few trademarks of traveling singer-songwriter Dustin Thomas. Appearance aside, the music of Dustin Thomas has captivated audiences from New York to Hawaii with haunting vocals and soulful depth packaged perfectly in his fun, poignant, and memorable modern folk tunes. Dustin's songs reveal an old soul in a young frame: They reflect conversations on current affairs and historical and political references ranging from Marcus Garvey to Troy Davis. Musings on the world seen through new eyes paint an evenhanded and hopeful picture of troubled times. Dustin's is a new spirit of folk music that contemplates human relationships, both spiritual and intimate. There is little hidden or veiled in his nursery-rhyme-like prose. He simply asks honest questions and spins earnest tales of love, loss, worship, and war.

"His uniqueness defies labels. If you need comparisons, he's a conduit for something spiritual and real, the way that the great Bob Marley was (and still is) or the way real issues were sung by, say, Tracy Chapman, whose stirring voice, by the way, seems to be echoing in Dustin." -Jason Smith, Big Island Weekly



Çudamani maintains that the vitality of Balinese arts relies on the connection of performance to the religious and social life of the village. The group sees itself as an activist community that responds to the philosophical, practical and problematic issues that face Balinese artists today. Members of Çudamani work to achieve a balance of being active creative artists while also preserving ancient and rare forms of Balinese music and dance. Members of the group also compose new music. Çudamani composers are reknowned for their inspired contributions to the repertoire of Balinese music.

For more information, please see: http://cudamani.org/


BaliSpirit Yoga Festival