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Line Up - BaliSpirit Festival

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Music Presenter Bio - BaliSpirit Festival 2015

Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, each of whom began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late 1990s after connecting through the Moontribe events in the deserts outside Los Angeles, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo acts in the United States. Their collaborative power has resulted in numerous full-length albums, remix projects for other artists, and EPs for labels like Black Swan, Twisted, and their own label Desert Trax, among many others.

After the initial success of their "DownTemple Dub" series, the Desert Dwellers have spent the past three years at some of the most prominent international music festivals. In 2014, the pair embarked on a massive 7 week tour across the United States opening for world renowned Twisted Records artist Shpongle, then quickly followed up with a full summer of festivals including Boom (Portugal), Shambhala (Canada), Atmosphere (Israel), Burning Man, Coachella, and countless others across North America. They are currently finishing a new album called "The Great Mystery" which will be released in early 2015, and planning extensive touring through Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Europe, North America, and Canada in 2015 to support that record and bring joy to dance floors across the globe.

Taking a new approach on digital production, Amani & Treavor have combined the raw sounds of the natural world while skillfully blended deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind and body. With this blend of sounds they provide listeners with a heightened sense of connection through their musical soundscapes. Desert Dwellers are one of the foremost influences in a genre that they have been "instrumental" in developing. Blending a variety of sources, their compositions form a heavily weaved set of sounds that have allowed them to establish themselves beyond their home base and around the world.

Bringing the electronic music vibe to the yoga scene, and the sounds of yoga to the electronic dance scene, Desert Dwellers' global sounds are the bridge between the worlds of dance and movement. Joining solid groove with sounds of serenity, their signature aesthetic feels as natural on the dance floor as it does after hours or on the mat. Due in no small part to Desert Dwellers' pioneering spirit, the borders of Downtempo music has expanded dramatically. These sound alchemists offer modern techniques that blend the edge of electronica with ancient sounds, offering a spellbinding hybrid with echoes of our past and future. The result has been the prolific production of genre blending dance tracks and chill-out grooves that make for truly memorable listening experiences.

For more information on Dessert Dwelers, please see: www.desertdwellers.org

David Block

David Block
The Human Experience

"We don't play music, music plays us"
– David Block

"The Human Experience" is David Block's principal project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats.

David is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. Playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony live on stage, his performances are brimming and layered with human emotion, world exploration, and sacred sounds. Whether performing by himself, or with a live band, "The Human Experience" always delivers an emotionally charged show.

"The Human Experience" aims to cross cultural barriers through music. David has collaborated with artists all over the world including Ignacio Perez (Buena Vista Social Club), William Close (The Earth Harp), Random Rab, Govinda, Amae Love, Rising Appalachia, and many others.

Since his debut album "Inaudible Sounds" in 2010 , he has released four other albums in the last two years and has four new projects planned for release in 2013. Each song is a sonic journey; interweaving psychedelic layers of melody and harmony with organic grooves and international vibes.

Composing and performing live with the Audio/Visual/Dance projects "Phadroid" (Andrew and Phaedra Jones), "Quixotic", "Lucent Dossier", and "Seraphim" David is expanding his sounds into the mixed media world.

Since 2010, David has performed all over the world sharing the stage with renowned artists such as, Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Tipper, Random Rab, Emancipator, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, and Kaminanda.

Over the last three years he has toured in England, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, and all over the United States at a variety of events including festivals like Boom, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Satya, Symbiosis, and Envision.

David is consistently redefining himself as an artist, performer, and human being. Moving and traveling around the world, meeting people from all walks of life and realms of consciousness, he is continually learning, growing, and sharing inspiration with those around him.

For more information about David Block, please see: www.humanexperiencecreations.com

Deya Dova

Deya Dova

Hailing from the expansive Nullarbor desert in Australia and currently based in the Byron Bay area, it is like Singer Producer Deya Dova fell out of the stars on an ancient piece of space rock. One of the few female electronic producers and a ground breaking vocalist recording live at sacred sites, Deya Dova fuses the earthy human-ness and sensual power of her voice with the cutting edge futurism of Global Sacred Bass music.

Synthesising ancient songlines / tribal voices and evocative story telling with cinematic soundscapes, whomping bass, textural glitch and totemic beats, Deya Dova invokes a mythic temple vibe and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor.

Deya was born "behind the veil", inside her intact water membrane. According to folklore, these people inherit an innate connection between the worlds. And it is this otherworldly-ness, deep mysticism and memory that exudes from Deya's extraordinary vocals, music and stage presence.

Highly innovative and a visionary artist in the truest sense, Deya Dova's live shows are a sophisticated musical and visual feast. Performing with live electronics, organic percussion, vocal looping, petroglyphic projections and guest ritual performance artists, Deya Dova weaves a conscious elevated dance floor experience infused with feminine mojo. Featuring music from her latest release Symbiotic and live versions of remixes by Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Drumspyder and A Tribe Called Red.

Deya Dova sings to the Ancient, the Primal and the Mystic within.

"Exquisitely produced, reminiscent of The Knife or Bjork and yet completely, refreshingly, unique." IN THE MIX

For more info about Deya Dova, see www.deyadova.com


Murray Kyle
Musical Troubadour

A multi-instrumentalist hailing from the tiny town of Uki in Northern NSW, Kyle Murray's Earth honouring music recognizes our common thread, and travels within to inspire connection and positive empowerment. Verse in piano, guitar, yidaki, ngoni, woodwinds and percussion, the powerfully tender performances of this esteemed songwriter have established him in the Australian roots music scene and beyond, as a highly respected musician sowing his seeds of inspiration into this world.

From festival stages to intimate events, Murray's performances are soundscapes of passionate storytelling that uplift and connect the audience. He has toured the coasts of Australia, is well known for his vocals in the electronic fusion group Mystic Beats and has shared stages with the likes of Saritah, Oka, and Trevor Hall. Murray's magical sound has graced the stages of major Australian festivals including Peats Ridge, Earth Frequency, Woodford Folk Festival, Island Vibe, Rainbow Serpent and Exodus, as well as international events on the west coast of the USA, Hawaii, the UK and now the globally known Bali Spirit Festival.

With four albums under his belt, including 2012's shamanic beats album, Mountain Song, mastered by the renowned Michael Worthington; It is the coming of age of Murray Kyle igniting his flame within the Australian music industry.

For more information on Murray Kyle, see: www.murraykyle.com


MatSumoto Zoku (Koji Matsumoto and Reo Matsumoto)
Contemporary Stateless Music (Dig & More)

On a hot day on in 2009, sitting on a rooftop in Varanasi India, Koji and Reo met for the first time. Then they began jamming together. After, they realized they wanted to make music together….. Travelling, Koji went to Australia and Europe and Reo went to Japan and New York. Then, 3 years later, came the crisis in Amsterdam, Holland. Koji and Reo met there again in 2012. They started busking on the streets of Amsterdam… The Matsumoto Zoku story continues and since then, the Duo has played in many international Festivals and now, into the Bali Spirit for the first time.

Matsumoto Zoku, like fish in the river of life, move with the natural flow of sound and energy. They merge urban vocal beats with the softer edge of the Halo and Didge creating a playful, serene and yet vibrant sound. Their intuitive and unique music is inspired by their extensive travels busking internationally, this creates an original and emotive style and groove. Their music is a unique blend of polarities merging, like the sun and moon, cacophony and silence, they are both urban and wild in their essence.​

For more information about this unique duo, see: www.matsumotozoku.com

Vieux Cissokho

Vieux Cissokho

Born in Ziguinchor, Southern Senegal, Vieux is a Griot man carrying the lineage of his Cissokho kinsfolk whose music and stories are passed through the generations from father to son. Destined to be a Kora player, he was raised to the sounds of song and story, which teaches in its own way through a traditional apprenticeship.

Today he carries the lineage and passes it on through live performance which expresses the raw beauty of Africa, the passion of human expression, and the rich beauty of life. A seasoned musician and composer, Vieux was born to share the music that lives in his soul.


Afro Folk - India

Farafi is born of a spirited meeting between two exceptional artists whose forefront vision is to bring people together. Having in common a strong interest in African melodies, they came together to express their passion, philosophy and love for the arts.

At the core of Farafi are its founders Joy Tyson and Darlini Singh Kaul.

"The Farafi Collective is a nomadic entity which feeds as it travels. We shared a mutli-cultural and interdisciplinary history through music, theatre and dance which has manifested into this all-inclusive field."

Started as an acapella duo, using intricate vocal harmonies and contemporary lyrics it quickly evolved into a full ensemble of international musicians that brings new dimensions to these beautiful songs. Together they cover a wide range of instrumentation that innovates in the spirit of Folk tradition.

Reaching from Mali to Ethiopia, from Haiti to La Reunion, Farafi fuses traditional and contemporary African music with reggae, Indo-European, Latin, and ancestral aboriginal sounds.

Since the winter of 2013 the project, started in India, has now preformed all around the world and collaborated with over 50 musicians. In addition to their live performances, their work as a collective is to share and empower people. Farafi holds seasonal vocal workshops to connect people with the music inside themselves. It is through this engagement with their audience that they rise to enjoy the magic of creating music together.

Farafi will take you on a journey, which will leave you with a taste for more

"Our aim is to create a sound that gets people dancing and that truly touches the heart."


Dustin Thomas

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love—these are just a few trademarks of traveling singer-songwriter Dustin Thomas. Appearance aside, the music of Dustin Thomas has captivated audiences from New York to Hawaii with haunting vocals and soulful depth packaged perfectly in his fun, poignant, and memorable modern folk tunes. Dustin's songs reveal an old soul in a young frame: They reflect conversations on current affairs and historical and political references ranging from Marcus Garvey to Troy Davis. Musings on the world seen through new eyes paint an evenhanded and hopeful picture of troubled times. Dustin's is a new spirit of folk music that contemplates human relationships, both spiritual and intimate. There is little hidden or veiled in his nursery-rhyme-like prose. He simply asks honest questions and spins earnest tales of love, loss, worship, and war.

"His uniqueness defies labels. If you need comparisons, he's a conduit for something spiritual and real, the way that the great Bob Marley was (and still is) or the way real issues were sung by, say, Tracy Chapman, whose stirring voice, by the way, seems to be echoing in Dustin." -Jason Smith, Big Island Weekly


Visionary pop/roots

Markandeya is a visionary pop/roots band from Gothenburg, Sweden. After touring and releasing albums for over a decade with the backbeat band Kultiration, Marcus Berg (vocals) and Anders Augustsson (guitar) released their debut album "Mirror of words – Part one" 2012. As part two in the trilogy is about to be launched, they continue to expand boundaries and spiritual insights with a confluence of word, sound and power. Uplifting, life-affirming music for heart and soul.

For more information on Markandeya, see: www.markandeya.com

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