Aimi Colibri

World Medicine Music



Aimi offers uplifting songs of celebration, healing, and devotion, in the name of Love, Beauty and Joy. Só alegria! There’s only joy!

Fully in service to the music and to the human family, she is passionate about sharing it far and wide. Aimi feels it is potent and joy-full medicine to awaken to our highest potential and to create the reality we want to see.

She sings her own original songs as well as others near and dear to her heart, weaving light from cultures around the world: Mexico, Nahautl, Colombia, Hawaii, Bali, India, Peru, Brazil.

She has been most recently influenced by her travels in Brazil with the Huni Kuin and Yawanawa tribes and is most excited to share what has been opened up in her there, at Bali Spirit Festival this year.

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