Akiko Mega

Manifesting Desires - The Magic of Swiping Right


Akiko is a midwife- she helps her clients to birth the best versions of themselves, and create the life they want. Inspired by different modalities of bodywork, CAM therapies and yoga that work with the body’s innate ability to heal or hold answers, Akiko combines these technologies with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the ICF method- the international golden standard for coaching. She works with people who want to create lasting change and are ready to unharness wisdom, ignite creativity, and access untapped resources that may lie temporarily dormant. Akiko has great interest in the role of desire as an activating force- whether in the little cup of coffee you crave in the morning, to what you *really* want out of life. She supports her clients in a wide area of transformation, starting with desire as the activation point. She also helps organizations engage in wellness as a vehicle for change, and with leaders to lead with greater effectiveness and empathy. She is the Founder of the Kamuykal Institute (open 2019) which brings these practices together as means to take better care of ourselves and our communities. While Akiko’s career has spanned influential roles in design, fashion, and consulting, her restlessness in these industries, and the end of a long-term marriage had locked her into a limiting belief that she didn’t really belong- anywhere. After deep inquiry and active learning, she emerged from a sense of being untethered through life to having purpose, to creating a life that’s authentic- all fueled by desire and propelled by action. She lives with her daughter in Tokyo, and calls Meguro home, by way of Texas and New York.

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