Multicultural Chill Rave


The Russian born and very gifted musician Aleceo is a new addition to the ongoing rooster of Copenhagen’s prolific Music For Dreamslabel - Aleceo came to attention of label boss Kenneth Bager with the brilliant first Ep ‘Clouds’. Aleceo has his own musical voice, he produces and composes music that is rich in harmonies and melodies - he sits somewhere between Balearic, Deep House and Multicultural downtempo music- combining the past and moving forward and his new double vinyl album ‘Teletrip’ is an excellent taster of his many talents and a real body of work. Living in Bali, he collaborate with lots of international musician in wide range of various music.He is also organiser and resident dj at Shambala Chillout Dance Parties in Ubud.

Check out Aleceo's performances here and listen to Aleceo's music here