Organic Electronic Shamanic Downtempo & Medicine Music


ALUNA depicts the joined talents and complementary creations of Maywa and Steffen Kirchhoff, world travellers and soul explorers. Their music project aspires to the creation and spreading of ritualistic music, leading the listeners to reconnect with the Earth, to harmonise with Nature, and with its endless wonders. It’s healing music, it’s music to dance, it’s music to love.

Their vision is embodied by their selection of sounds, idyllic melodies, and fascinating vocals, all permeated of Latin American flavours. In fact, their music project finds its origin in the Columbian forests where these beautiful souls first met, as soloist artists. The word ALUNA also descends from the natives of that land. Among the Kogi people, it stands for the “invisible spirit realm”, the source and intelligence of life.

Is the name of the co-creation project between Steffen Kirchhoff and Maywa.Togehter they produce medicine music, guided meditations and sound-healing journeys and facilitate cacao ceremonies and concious dance events with the intention to re-connect people with nature and their inner guidance and wisdom.

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