Amaru Pumac Kuntur

Tribal Rock


Amaru Pumac Kuntur means Serpent Puma Condor, the sacred trilogy of animal totems of the Andean spiritual path. Amaru Pumac Kuntur are a force of Nature and the band are both multi-instrumentalist musicians and powerful medicine people. Their unwavering intention to herald in the message of the sacred mountain spirits of the Andes, or ‘Apus’, means that this is more than mere music, it is prophecy. Their songs carry the ancient legacy of the Incas, that at this time we as a humanity are waking up and reclaiming our connection to Mother Earth, Pachamama.

Based in the Andean capital of Cusco and coined “Rock of the Gods” by Peruvian newspaper La Republica, APK are self-proclaimed 'messengers of the mountains' and have been constantly packing out dance floors in Peru since they began in 2004. The band recently welcomed Australian medicine woman and sound healer Fire Mane to the band recognizing her as 'the voice of Pachamama.' Delivering a solid sound that fuses Andean folk music, tribal percussion and rock, APK are a super-tight, high-energy outfit, complete with theatrics of high ceremony. This is dance music at its finest: pure, celebratory, breathtaking. Soaring pan flutes and zamponas, powerful djembe, sweetest charango and convicted, chanting voices from the high Andes make APK an unforgettable act. Amaru Pumac Kuntur won the national talent quest, Peru’s Got Talent, nationalising their incredible talent and exportability.

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