Amisha Ghadiali

Activist, Yoga Facilitator and Intuitive Healer


Amisha is an activist, yoga facilitator and intuitive healer. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds meet.

She hosts the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful which weaves together Politics, Spirituality, Creativity and Sustainability. The show offers deep, insightful, unedited conversations with fascinating and diverse guests, calling forth a challenging and open ended narrative for our expanding worlds.

Amisha holds Yoga workshops and Rituals across the world, which bring together Mantra, Asana, Meditation, Mudra, Mythology, Dance, Philosophy, Activism, Energy clearing and deep dives into the psyche. She leads retreats and immersive experiences including annual pilgrimages to India (her native land) and Wild Grace: A Heroine's Journey.

Amisha works one to one with her intuitive therapy and through her Presence Mentoring programme which supports you in clearing unconscious patterning, opening up new qualities within and anchoring daily practice and rituals which support your lifestyle.

A big part of her ‘Yoga’ is exploring how we relate to the world around us and embody our values at this challenging time. Amisha's background is in Politics, Design and Sustainable Fashion. She created the collaborative book, The Future Is Beautiful - A Collection from Think Act Vote, coining the term Creative Activism and bringing together ideas and artwork from over two hundred contributors to inspire a brighter future. She is currently writing a new book called Style & Presence which brings together a decade of research (and a lifetime of personal experience) exploring our relationship with self-worth, the worth of the world and how these two things are connected.

Amisha is delighted to be back at Bali Spirit Festival for the third time in a row to bring mantra, yoga and activism to this wonderful community.

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