Arindam Chakravarty

Indian Drum


Arindam is a versatile and young Virtuoso representing Indian Classical Music in the field of Tabla from India (Kolkata). He is keen on escalating the instrument’s popularity along with the traditional style of playing to newer and greater heights collaborating with various World famous Musicians and Yoga trainers.

Arindam has been associated and performed with several noteworthy legends and renowned musicians all over the World with his great dexterity and expertise. As a young man, Arindam has lived up to the words and reputations of his Guru Pandit Shankar Ghosh mastering the intricacies of Tabla as a Soloist as well as an accompanist. He has performed in several noteworthy Indian and International Music & Yoga Festivals.

This year Arindam will on stage collaboration with Daphne Tse, DJ Keigo, Hiroyuki Matsuhisa & Momoko Nagano

Check out Arindam's performances here and for more information about Arindam, find him on Facebook