Bhavini Kalan

Inspirational Living Yoga

India / South Africa

Bhavini is an Inspirational Living teacher, blending her knowledge of yoga, ayurveda and lifestyle sciences to help others achieve a fine balance for intuitive, intelligent, and inspired living. Bhavini hosts wellness retreats and programs around the world - helping people tune into their authentic self to find their own unique sacred living formula.

Bhavini has been trained in the Sivananda, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga lineages, completed with an integral foundation in Ayurveda lifestyle studies, as well as basics of Kalari mind-body movement for vitality and strength.

Her teachings integrate the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda to the needs and challenges of the current times and lifestyles. She has a special interest in mind and brain wellness and therefore works with integrative medical practitioners on yoga and meditation research in this field. Bhavini’s passion is to help people tap into their magnificence and finding their ‘mojo’. In her yoga classes, she helps practitioners understand how to adjust vinyasa practice sequencing as per their mind-body intelligence – ayurveda integration.

Besides residing in Rishikesh for a couple of months each year, Bhavini teaches around the world at unique destination wellness spaces, where she also works with communities to integrate ancient body healing techniques into modern spa and healing work.

She believes in inspired living in all facets of life, from ritual to reality – to daily reach the best possible version of ourselves.

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