Charlotte El Casador

Animalflow Yoga


Charlotte El Casador was born in Belgium and she's passionate about traveling, nature, animals, movement, connection, improving health and awareness in a holistic way.

She has studied for a few years physiotherapie and got her degree as a teacher physical education. She followed an internship of health coaching in Primal Personal Fitness in Sydney, Australia. There she discovered Animal Flow (founder: Mike Fitch), which strongly resonates with her. Now she is teaching physical education in a primary school in Belgium, She has created a workshop/ classes was she uses the beautiful movements of animal flow (yoga style) to reach goals that improve your health physically and mentally.

During her 1,5 year solo travel she was happy to work in New Zealand as a Sport Massage Therapist at a clinic. Here she practiced and gained the art of working on trigger points. She connected with the patients and treated them successfully.

During her travels she was very lucky to be a volunteer at Bali Spirit Festival. she fell in love with the energy the atmosphere and started dreaming of teaching there one day! Now she works for Moov-it as a corporate wellness manager and community creator. They improve the general wealth in companies international through behavioural change, which is truly amazing! She is also very passionate about connecting and playing through acroyoga! Other skills are bellydancing and playing with pois.

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