Chris Fox

Yoga and Movement

Bali/ Sweden

Chris is a yoga and movement teacher based in Ubud, Bali. Yoga has been an integral part of his life for the past 10 years. Going from a strong physical practice to inviting breath work, meditation, and spiritual connection in his everyday life, all parts of it have increased and become a holistic exploration towards health, connection, awareness and simplicity.

With presence and dedication he teaches private and public classes, workshops and retreats with an emphasis on finding your own unique expression and embodied movement. Having a background in Bikram and Ashtanga, Chris now explores vinyasa, yin and freedom of movement with heightened awareness for welcoming spaciousness, peace, clarity, and surrender into his life.

He is passionate about connecting deeply through physical awareness combined with modern biomechanics, where critical thinking, free expression and simplicity of movement are met with freedom and expansion. With a great reverence for traditional asana and yogic philosophy, he invites progressive movement culture and exploration to balance in a dance between what is ancient and what is new. Seeing movement as a poetic exploration, Chris guides from the heart and invites the individual expression to be set free and be shared in the collective energy we create! 

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