Cloud People

Sound Healing


Cloud People Twin brothers, Musicians & Sound Healers here to take you on a healing journey. They are multi-instrumentalists using sonic alchemy to bring harmony back to the body, inviting it back to its natural state of resonance. Creating a safe space for people to go within and seek the answer they are seeking and release what no longer serves them in a gentle and non-invasive way. Inviting you to release old patterns, traumas, limiting stories, wounds from the past, allowing for a more lighter state of being. Leah Free Sounds of Liberation. Activation. & Embodiment. Music that invites you all the way into your body, your truth, into a place of remembrance where you may find freedom and connection to your own personal prayers and service to the planet. A weaving of celestial sound healing instrumentation, ancient prayers, and tribal chants from around the world.

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