Cyrus Irani

Authentic Relating Games and Skills


Cyrus Irani is on a mission to equip visionary men and women with the support and tools that lead to wildly fulfilling relationships and create a new paradigm of conscious leadership, whilst having a great time doing it! Cyrus has led hundreds of men and women to connect with their deepest passion, moving from doubt and fear into trust and inspiration. And to shift from feeling stressed and clueless to feeling fulfilled and valued, in life purpose and relationships. By teaching methods and practices that help people upgrade their communication toolkit, even the most stagnant of relationships gets to feel fresh and alive again… often in the space of just one workshop! His offerings create healthier, deeply fulfilling, loving relationships using Conscious Communication, Authentic Relating and mindfulness practices. His playful, caring, welcoming and vibrant facilitation demonstrates that conscious, enjoyable relationships are available to us all. Through these practices, we get to know ourselves, and each other more deeply and honestly than ever before. Cyrus took the exciting plunge into the world of personal development over 25 years ago and has been making waves ever since. Whilst working in the seemingly glamorous London film and music industries he was surrounded by successful people complaining about shallow relationships and unfulfilled desires. This was the turning point in Cyrus’s life journey, leading him to where he finds himself today. Happy, healthy, fulfilled and in service to others. When he’s not serving the worldwide tribe by leading heart-centered relationship training, Cyrus travels the globe and explores conscious communities. He loves to dance, play music and move his body in as many ways as possible!

This year Cyrus will be co-teaching with Stephanie Dickinson

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