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Ashtanga, Shamanism & World Folk Fusion Music


Danny Paradise has been a part of the BaliSpirit Festival since 2008, its first year. In fact, Danny is a Festival Legend and part of the family fabric. For 2016, we are so proud to announce that in addition to teaching an occasional workshop, Danny will be screening his short animated film “Love Will Rescue You,” as well as perform in our One World One Stage Concerts at ARMA in order to raise awareness for the very important charity organization, “Children of the Forest.” Read more about this down below.

This animated film and Documentary Poem produced by Matthew Kelly and Danny Paradise to Danny's song 'Love Will Rescue You' illustrates the reality of child trafficking in NW Thailand near the Burmese Border (And other regions throughout the world). Tens of thousands of stateless, impoverished, displaced and homeless Mon and Karen tribal children are at risk of being kidnapped for forced labor or prostitution.

These problems exist throughout the world. Governments must recognize that leaving these children stateless only increases the dangers they face. However raising and educating endangered children in the spirit of Love only empowers them to help create a better world. Matthew and Mary Kelly and Amicus Foundation have supported Children of the Forest over the last 10 years, a beautiful bamboo village called 'Children of the Forest,' located in the forest of Sangkhlaburi near the Thai/Burma border, where hundreds of these children are cared for, protected, educated, housed, fed and healed from their traumas in a spirit of love, compassion and tenderness.

On the yoga side of things. Danny has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1976 and traveling the world introducing the forms in communities since 1979. He was the first advanced Western Ashtanga instructor to travel internationally. He uses derivative routines of Yoga and Martial arts in his exploration of Ashtanga.

Danny recognizes Yoga as an ancient Shamanic practice and relates Yoga to all Shamanic, nature based, Indigenous explorations from North and South America, Polynesia, Tibet, Africa and Asia. Danny has also studied extensively with J. Krishnamurti, along with the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, Jesus and ancient Egypt. The Yogis and Shamans were the early pioneers of consciousness, healing knowledge, and communication with the Spirit realms.

His main objective is guiding people to Evolutionary Consciousness as well as well as develop a sacred, personal, healing, meditative, joyful, non-dogmatic Yoga practice, designed to create well-being, fulfil personal destiny and learn to age with vitality, energy and grace.

Watch Danny sing for us in this video:

For more info or direct donations see: www.childrenoftheforest.org or www.dannyparadise.com




Ashtanga & Shamanism: Journey of the Soul

Time: 15:15 - 17:15

Where: Main Pavilion - Purnati Center for the Arts


Ashtanga Yoga, Shamanism, and Indigenous Traditions Worldwide

Time: 15:15 - 17:15

Where: Bale Up - Purnati Center for the Arts


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