Dean Rosenwald

Principles of Movements for Martial Arts


Dean Rosenwald currently resides in Santa Monica, California, where he teaches and coaches Muay Thai at the school US Muay Thai in Koreatown, Los Angeles. For the past 10 years, Dean has been actively training and fighting in the Muay Thai style of martial arts. He has been an instructor and fighter coach for the past year. Known in Thailand and in Muay Thai culture as a Nak Muay he is currently an active fighter. Dean has fought all over the United States - Ohio, Virginia, and California, and has competed at a professional level twice in Thailand against Thai opponents emerging victorious both times. Having trained with some of the best Muay Thai fighters in North America, Dean is ready to share some of the ancient striking techniques, combined with a modern take on how to increase ones striking power and speed. Recently, Dean has started learning about and training in the ancient Khmer fighting style known as Bokator with Grandmaster San Kim Sean. Spreading the knowledge and techniques of Bokator is part of Dean's mission.

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