Eka Sabeh

Pop Soul Singer


Eka is a native Balinese with years of experience of teaching Yoga and meditation locally and internationally. He is also an accomplished Craniosacral therapist and body worker. He has a masters degree in media from Ohio University and the prestigious Fulbright scholarship in his pocket.

Whether it’s teaching Yoga, offering energy healing, or immersing himself in researches on media and politics, music is always there and singing has always been Eka’s constant passion. Eka was known in Bali’s singing competition circuit since he was in elementary school. His love for music inspired him to pursue a carriers as a radio DJ and producer, as well as to study broadcasting. He formed an R&B jazz band when he was in university performing at local events and venues.

While pursuing his studies in media, he had an opportunity to study music at Singapore Management University, and vocal at Ohio University’s School of Music.

Eka’s music and his vocal style is heavily influenced by the golden era of 80’s and 90’s R&B, such as Stevie Wonder, Tevin Campble, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. Music that is filled with soulful melody and lyrics, with powerful vocal riff and run.

Nowadays, apart from being Yoga Barn’s resident teacher and offering healing sessions at his little clinic in Ubud, you can find Eka performing with his acoustic band at private parties and events around town.

Check out Eka's performances here

For more information about Eka Sabeh, see: http://kailashproject.org/