World Dance Music


Estray - An animal that has escaped from its owner; a wandering animal whose owner is unknown.

Vid is a free spirit and a nomad, travelling together with his music for the last 10 years. Taking influences from his various homes, this producer and certified audio engineer has build up his sound into something which is now considered as Multicultural. Constantly followed up with outstanding dancefloor grooves made with unique drum patterns which have huge influence from Tribal African music & Latin Music. One of his trademarks are also incredible basslines which are result of his huge love for ''Dub from The Roots'' music from Jamaica.
During the time, Vid became famous for his ability to combine all this worlds together with House Music and make perfect mixes which are designed to teleport you to realms of pure joy & happiness.

He has visited & played in many different countries all over the world and performed at many international festivals, for example: BaliSpirit Festival, Air Festival, Exit Festival, Shankra Festival and more.
With a degree in Audio Engineering, has 2 albums behind him & massive amount of various releases on different labels such as: Sol Selectas, Akumandra, Pipe & Pochet, Cosmic Awakenings, Souq Records, Lump Records, Tropical Twista, Monada, Ready Mix Records, Endless Sands Of Time, and his own imprint - Wanderlust Musica. All of this is a reason why Estray has been considered by many people as one of the most creative artists out there, and a firm believer that the ''best things are yet to come.''

Check out Estray's performances here and listen to Estray's music here