Gypsy Bast

Family Pirate Booty Yoga


Gypsy Bast and her teachings are inspiring, fun and powerful. She is known for her uplifting positive attitude and has a myriad of modalities which she integrates for each new audience. Gypsy has been performing on stages since age 4, and studied the classical dance forms of ballet, modern contemporary, tap, jazz, and a lot of musical theater. She began to integrate her styles into the world of burlesque, gogo and pole dancing, and then began taking it aerial circus.

Gypsy’s mission is to help people discover their unique gifts and limitations through intelligent, healing practices. She is continuing to collect studies and experiences along with life lessons, and her passions include writing poetry, music and singing. Gypsy is a joyful, free spirit and dedicated lover of life and her path as a teacher.

Gypsy is also teaching adult classes as well, check them out!

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