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Hangab Inversion Therapy


Hartmut was born in Southern Germany and worked for many years as a tree climber to prune trees. With the climbing came numerous back problems. He found that by hanging with his knees from a branch, his back got better, but he could not hang long enough, because it was painful and he was not able to let go without falling.

So Hartmut developed specific “boots” and a special pulley system with an engineer, so he could pull himself slowly up in to the hanging position, and safely let go to release his back. Hartmut's back pains quickly dissolved and after 1 year of self treatment, Hartmut started to give friends an energetic and intuitive hanging session, with different lifts and postures to release any pain and discomfort. He already had many experiences in intuitive healing work before, and over the years Hartmut learned to trust his intuition and perception.

Hartmut has now been traveling and teaching Hangab Yoga around the world with his wife Petra for 14 years. Also from Southern Germany, Petra has a background in spiritual massage, channeling, energy work and Lomi Lomi massage. The Hangab method has grown intuitively and organically over 20 years of personal research and in cooperation with doctors as well as many therapists to achieve amazing results.

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For more information about Hangab, see: www.hangab.de