Heidi Green

Heart-Led Arts


Cross-platform artist Heidi Green is an award-winning designer, painter, illustrator, writer and performer with over 18 years experience in the creative industries. She has worked for design and advertising agencies, publishers and runs two boutique creative studios and a fashion label. Heidi’s artwork is colorful and vibrant, much like Heidi herself. One of eight children who grew up all around Australia, Heidi spent her early years living in a remote Indigenous Desert community and began painting as soon as she could walk. She hitchhiked across three states, spent a year living in a caravan, and over five years performed as a musician at festivals around Australia. Since then, Heidi has lived and traveled all around Asia, painting, working, adventuring and raising her three children. As an art program facilitator, Heidi has worked with refugees, Indigenous communities, run children’s holiday workshops, undertaken programs with the elderly, homeless communities and facilitated group painting workshops for children's parties and family groups. Heidi has also produced art and design for international brands, advertising campaigns, tv, books, and film. Heidi’s fine artwork has been exhibited in Australia, Singapore and on the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week. Heidi is Creative Director of HIIIYA, a creative design, branding and advertising studio working for clients around Asia. She is also Founder and Creative Director of eco-fashion Label BEBASSY, which makes beautiful, sustainable clothing and accessories out of art.

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For more information about Heidi Green, see: https://www.hiiiya.com/about or https://www.facebook.com/heidigreenartist