Crochet Mandala Workshops


Hohana lives and works in Manila in the Philippines. She is well known in her crocheted mandalas and mixed media art installations creating different styles and concepts. Her artworks and Crochet Workshops have appeared in major events and festivals in the Philippines and across other Asian countries. In 2014 she left a career as an accountant, despite loving the intellectual rigor of the work, she never felt like a good fit so instead Hohana began working with art materials and started producing more prolific work.

She worked through her depression with crochet materials, created out of love, dreams, and inspiration, she put her heart and soul into each artwork and she is so grateful to share this with others. She uses nature and the world around her as inspiration in her creations and later returned to the corporate world in late 2016, she now divides her time between working, parenting, crocheting, traveling and environmental & cultural activities.

"My art is an assemblage of giant crochet mandalas inspired from nature and the different formations in the Universe. My mandalas represent my core, my inner being. Each of the mandalas starts from the smallest empty hole in the center and work themselves beautifully outward, towards the edge. It recognizes everyone, the choices that they can make, and the change that they can contribute to society. Everyone starts from an empty hole, and build themselves out, unfolding their potential throughout their lifetime. My art starts with a piece of my heart, and my soul weaves out the patterns. It will be a constant reminder for everyone that change comes from within, and it starts at your center." - Hohana

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