Jeremy Roske

Tribal Folk


Jeremy Roske is a singer/songwriter, musician and actor. His musical journey was started at the age of 13, as a founding member of Earth Guardians. They used message-driven music to educate, uplift and inspire action on behalf of our planet and all life.The highlight of that time was the Children's Torch of Hope Tour in 1995, where they performed and spoke at over 40 events in 29 states.

In 2005 he co-organized and spearheaded the Voice of Youth Tour. Traveling to India and New Zealand, his band Rapsody performed on concerts and gave workshops focused on youth empowerment through creative expression. That year he released his first album, Troubadours which later was re-released as 'People Rise".

Throughout his life, he has been transformed by the healing power of music.

“I feel it resonate through my whole being and ripple out into the world. This is my medicine and how I connect with myself and relate with life. My songs are reflections of the ever-changing landscape of the human experience, best described as Music of Change.”

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