Jo Kisila



Jo Kisila is a vibrant radio producer and DJ at Kenya’s most reputable radio station, Capital FM. A fashion icon as well, the athletic model and versatile DJ is diverse in his mastery of music genres and is passionate about sharing African music and culture globally. This saw him partner with Paige Elenson, founder of Africa Yoga Project, to create Afrobeats Yoga, a fusion of Afrobeats and Baptiste Yoga, combining wellness with entertainment. In addition to radio, corporates, clubs, and festivals, Jo has also worked with charities and international organizations such as the UNHCR and UNODC, creating unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Jo will be djing in all the Afro Beats Workshops led by Paige Eleson. Catch his DJ set as well, time and location unknown!

Check out Jo Kisila's workshops here and to hear Jo’s playlist here:

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