Kampoeng Dolanan

Traditional Games


Kampoeng Dolanan is a community that is engaged in preserving traditional games, the concept is to actualize Ki Hajar Dewantara and Ki Hadi Sukatno's studies through traditional games, where the principles are "everyone is the teacher, every time is learning and the universe is the school".

Kampoeng Dolanan was formed on December 13, 2018 in Surabaya in Java, Indonesia. Throughout their journey, they run about 275 programs and 150 roadshows for each program. Kampoeng Dolanan has done roadshows across Indonesia in 25 cities throughout Java, Bali and Sumatera as well as internationally in Singapore and Malaysia. Kampoeng Dolanan is currently operates in two cities, Surabaya and Kediri.Kampoeng Dolanan is located in Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI)'s land, but the residents had no Freehold Title of the land. Kampoeng Dolanan dreamt to create the traditional game-based attractions on the land ad they want to change people's mindset to become more aware of tourism through various programs that run there. Kampoeng Dolanan has grown with several lines of education (Sekolah Dolanan, KD Roadshow, Data Center and Culture Exchange), creative industry (Bekel craft and Tekotek films), home industry (The Dakon's Catering), business professional (Outbound Wodowo), community empowerment (Berdaya Craft) and social entrepreneurship (Dolipstore and Jelajah Semambung).

For more information about Kampoeng Dolanan, see: https://kampoengdolanansby.blogspot.co.id/