DJ Keigo



Keigo Tanaka is a music producer and DJ from Tokyo, Japan. His music debuted on the hit album, Chill Out Cafe, released by IRMA Records in 2001. As a premier producer for Incense and L,D & K records he created and remixed music featuring Joao Gilberto, Risa Ono, Asako Toki and many global artists. After years of making music in the commercial music industry, Keigo decided to leave this high pressure, stressful life and break out on his own and create music as a healing modality. In 2013, he met a well-known yoga teacher in Japan that changed the course of his music production. He began to produce music for yoga featuring world-renowned musician, Setsuo Miyashita and together they created Crystal Nada (healing celestial soundscape music blending classical Indian ragas with rare Japanese mantras). Keigo’s music label, Niceness music, has released seven albums and he is currently the top yoga music producer in Japan.

This year DJ Keigo will be co-presenting with Ellen Watson and Daphne Tse and will be on stage collaboration with Arindam Chakravarty, Setsuo Miyasita, Hiroyuki Matsuhisa and Momoko Nagano

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