Lance Schuler

Inspya Yoga


A highly respected Godfather of the worldwide yoga community, Lance Schuler has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 40 years. He was multiple times New Zealand's junior Judo champion, representing his country in international Judo contests. During Lance's peak years as an elite fighter, he discovered yoga.

After studying to teach yoga and meditation, Lance became, once again, a world traveller. He founded INSPYA yoga, a modern yoga system that integrates recent scientific advances such as Kinetic Anatomy, Functional Anatomy, Nutrition and Practical Indian Philosophy, with techniques from Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions.

INSPYA offers a tried and tested yoga teaching system, designed to educate and awaken the distracted mind and body, which melds ancient yoga technique with modern life.

Lance has left a yogic footprint in many countries; China, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. Along with his team of specialised teachers, he has trained thousands of highly professional yoga teachers and his contributions in these countries has helped to build the wave of yoga currently influencing world thought. Lance Schuler is a true Father and tireless messenger of this ancient craft.

This is Lance’s first year presenting at the BaliSpirit Festival and we are so happy to have him!

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