Layla El Khadri

Artist, Transformational Dance Therapist & Life Coach


Layla El Khadri, is a thought leader, life coach, somatic therapist and artist.

She is fully committed to inspiring humanity to step up, look within and evolve, awakening and embodying Human Potential.

She dedicated half a decade to dive deep and absorb the wisdom of Ancient Traditions and cutting edge Therapies.

From Tantra & Yoga to Somatic Dance, she found ways to reconnect Mind, Body & Soul.

The combination between her Mindset Seminars and her Transformational Dance creates a powerful holistic methodology to anchor real-lasting

transformation and radical embodiment of ones´s potential.

The way how she works with dancing allows people to experience reality through their bodies.

With usage of different styles and techniques she guides a journey through the body into the emotions and the inner landscapes. This helps us tune back into our bodies and ignite our awareness.

She leads dance workshops that allow people to experience the transformational power in art, using dance to connect and reveal the magnificence we all carry.

Layla´s work is focused on helping us reclaim our Radiance and become Conscious Creators of our reality.

Her belief is that we all have the potential to live the life we dream, we just have to discover our gifts. According to this, her mission is to help thepeople, to help us to discover what those gifts exactly are.

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