Leah Santa Cruz

Meditation & Intimacy


Leah Santa Cruz is a resident teacher at The Yoga Barn, specialising in Yoga, Mindfulness and Intimacy. She empowers men and women around the world with tools to regain inner clarity, fulfilling relationships and ecstatic joy.

With a background in psychology and neuroscience, alongside a decade working in fast-paced careers for Microsoft and tech startups- Leah understands the devastating effects that overwhelm, past traumas, anxiety and fears of rejection have on our inner peace and relationships. She offers solutions to overcome barriers to intimacy through methods in tantra, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Her workshops help participants strip away years of stress and strengthen their capacity for deeper intimacy, happiness and love.

After a decade working for high-intensity corporations like Microsoft, Leah turned to meditation, yoga and the healing arts to overcome anxiety and burnout. After a powerful transformation, she opened a spiritual wellness center in Los Angeles and studied under Master Teachers, Dr. Lorin Roche and Steve Ross.

Leah can also be found teaching meditation classes and Intimacy workshops at the barn, as well as leading private retreats around the world. Her private sessions intuitively combine modalities to help you bust through the barriers holding you back- mentally, physically and spiritually.

As a long-time meditator with a degree in Neuropsychology and mindfulness trainings from Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” Institute, Leah’s offerings infuse modern day science with the power of ancient practices. If you’d like to strip away years of stress, deepen your intimate relationships and live a healthy, fulfilled life - book a session with Leah.

Leah will be co-teaching Meditation and Intimacy with Paul Teodo

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For more info about Leah, please see: www.leahsantacruz.com