Lilla Bodor

Face and Body Painting


Lila is from Budapest, Hungary. Got her Master degree in Painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts 2007. Since completing her degree she had several exhibitions in Europe and was also invited to show her art on the walls of cafés, schools and other places in the form of murals. Recently she enjoys to create handmade yoga jewelry too. Aside from painting on canvas and walls she found a new passion using the human body as her canvas.

A few years ago she started to do face and bodypainting on her yogi friends, allowing her great freedom to be expressive with the personal shape and character of every person she paints. The drawings she does focuses on resembling the spirit of the model. She feels pleasure to connect to her intuition and inspiration from each individual model. There will never be the exactly same design as every artwork is unique. She considers her bodypainting creations a special form of human celebration. A way to express and celebrate our precious time and presence here. The paintings are temporary, made with special face paint colors and removable with water. They only last for hours. All paint is temporary, just like life nothing is permanent.

Using mystic ancient symbols, often being inspired by tribal motives and following the personal stories each person has collected throughout their life.

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