Lindsay and Danny Balgooyen

Inner Light Revival Breathwork


Inner Light Revival was founded by a brother/sister duo who feel passionate about creating sacred containers for authentic heart opening experiences through breath, movement, and music. Their approach inspires others to find healing from within and ignites a remembrance of our connection to self, others, and nature. The journeys they offer consist of circular-connected breathing, dance, toning, shaking, live music, etc.

Since the age of six, Lindsay lived her entire life with a migraine. From the ages of 6-19 she was put on 46 different drugs, all with their own costly side effects. When she hit rock bottom at age 20, she made a choice to take the healing in her own hands and embarked on almost a decade of experimenting with holistic modalities. After discovering this breath-work style in India in 2016, she immediately signed up for a facilitator training. Within just 2 weeks of the training, the headaches disappeared. She had a direct experience of everything she had been reading, that most of our suffering has an emotional root cause and how our mind starts to identify with pain. She believes it is her mission in this life to inspire others to remember our own unlimited power and ability to heal ourselves. She loves to travel, dance, snowboard, raft, get lost in nature, and experiment with breath technology.

Danny found himself living life from a conditioned mindset that was limited with unworthiness and disapproval, that expressed in avoidance and dissatisfaction. Ready for change, he found himself on a journey for something more. Discovering the great paradoxes of life, he shifted the external search inward to radical self love. As the flashlight of awareness exposed limiting beliefs, breath-work showed up as the catalyst to allow for deep healing and transformation.

Lindsay and Danny have collaborated with various talented musicians such as Yaima, who will be joining them this year at Bali Spirit Fest.

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