AIÊ - Luiz Gabriel Lopes

World Music


AIÊ, in Yorubá, is the name that defines the world of the Living, the multi-senso-rial side of reality where life becomes palpable and sound waves fuse and
diffuse together. It's the world of physical encounters, where we celebrate the presence and magic of improvisation under the laws of the impermanence of substance. Into this vibration, Edgar Valente [PT] and Luiz Gabriel Lopes [BR] gathered for a generous and rich multicultural collaboration. Complementary creatives showcasing different facets of the same source, stitching together through the sounds of Lusophony and all its mysterious alchemy. Music as a portal for contact with the spirit, and a major force for the invention of new worlds.

From North Atlantic shores, Edgar Valente multiplies himself within a body of many artistic abilities. Through his broad voices to the sounds of his keyboard and adufe, the multi-talented artist combines a movement which ranges from the new Portuguese popular music to the explosion of funk and afro beat. Coming from the south side of the same ocean, Luiz Gabriel Lopes is a versatile Brazilian artist who brings through his voice and guitar strings the sunny rhythm of the tropics. Latin American syncretism expressed in deep and balsamic songwriting.

Luiz Gabriel Lopes is a prolific Brazilian singer-songwriter and well known for his work ahead of the Brazilian band Graveola. His music creates a sensitive relation with his audience through a strong and vibrant guitar and vocal live performance, mixing flavors of Latin American folk and Bossa nova, Indie Pop and Spiritual world music.
In recent years, the artist has been touring extensively in solo format across many Brazilian states and several countries in Europe and South America.

Throughout his career as a solo artist, Luiz Gabriel Lopes has released three albums: ‘Passando Portas’ (2010), ‘O Fazedor de Rios’(2015) and ‘MANA’ (2017), which has been highlighted and described as a great album by the notorious Brazilian newspaper‘O GLOBO.’
In his most recent project, Rosa Neon, Luiz Gabriel Lopes investigates the connection between his songwriting style and the electronic pop music universe.

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