Malaika Maveena

Elemental Embodiment - Earth Dance Tribal Dance


A workshop of Shamanic Ritual and Somatic Movement, and Tribal Dance


Live and Electronic Music Intiche Originally from Wallmapu aka-South America, now based in Berlin, Germany, brings a deep fusion of natural-organic sounds, traditional instruments, electronic downtempo, minimal, trance, tribal and new visions for old and new connections. Both Malaika aka Dj Ma and Intiche have been rocking dance floors in Europe, Bali, Thailand, NYC, and Australia through the magic of music, frequencies, vibrations, and Global beats.
Together they will create Sacred Space and a held container to explore the depths and freedom of spontaneous elemental healing through somatic movement and dance. Finding liberation through movement, release through ritual and deep connection through community and conscious connection.
Malaika and Intiche embark on a shamanic dance journey of Elemental Embodiment, it is an active dance journey and ritual to help you connect with your authentic tribal Soul and dance beyond any limitations to really experience the ecstatic trance dance experience like our Ancestors knew.
Together these two masters of music will take you into the heart of the jungle-mountain-seas- and new world landscapes, flying through space with your feet and hips rooted on the Earth as we stomp the grounds of Pacha Mama and shake the bones of our spirits awake!

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