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Matajiwa would gracefully dive into it with equilibrium and life. Spiritual wealth. They write songs for their sacred benediction, and we are to religiously embrace it with wide open eyes and soul. The music is primitive, sprawling beyond the definitions of merely popular, digging into its Indonesian heritage roots and fusing it with a contemporary blues mentality and native rock undertone. Scattered with kettledrums, dances, and compassionate chants, they juggle with a cosmos dream named world music. We are compelled to tremble in solitude while celebrating mirth in the beauty of irony, reflection, and contemplation.

Matajiwa is Anda Perdana and Reza Achman.

They created the duo since 2011. There is nothing like them: Anda, the persona of a soft hummer who sings and strums the guitar with the warmth of a sun flare in his heart. Reza, the percussionist who revolutionized his conservative drum kit by creating his own instrument called drumcussion, and plays as if every day were a traditional festivity.

Their first full length two-series album was released in 2013-2014. It has seven songs each, roving the deepest mind with abundant range. Matajiwa is about energy. Their voices are the sounds of nature.

Close your eyes, and you will SENSE it.

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Matajiwa will perform together with Sandrayati Fay at ARMA on Sunday, March 26. Doors open 6:30pm.