Nehanda Rusere

African Dance


Born and raised in Zimbabwe which was an incredibly enriching experience but also deeply painful and conflicting for her, Nehanda experienced sexual trauma at a young age and this deeply affected her childhood in ways she could not understand until much later in her life. She struggled to understand the unfair treatment of women, blatant misogyny and suppression of the feminine expression and sexuality. Being a naturally creative and sensual woman, she was not free to be herself and any attempts to be her true self were often met with abuse and violence even by her own family members. In order to survive, she shut down. She graduated from university in IT and worked corporately for 5 years. During this time her mental health declined, her addictions grew rampant, she became obese and was plagued with low self esteem, depression, shame, guilt. She attracted one abuse relationship to the next until she had a complete mental breakdown. Only then did she stop to really look at herself and start to heal and rediscover. She quit her job, traveled back to Zimbabwe and spent several months relearning about her ancestors, her history and why she was here. This lead to a breakthrough and spiritual awakening where she started remembering shamanic healing practices of her ancestors, through beauty, dance, storytelling, ritual on the earth, spoken word, poetry, art and all things creative. She realized it was her calling to be a voice of liberation for women and to share these Ancient African Healing ways with the world.

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