Noel Bernhardt

White Crane Silat


Noel invites you on the path of mind, body and spirit connection through Martial Arts Movement. Unlock the vast untapped potential of embodying your true authentic self while building inner strength, mental sharpness, coordination and balance.

Noel has studied Martial Arts and Yoga since 2007 and is a certified White Crane Silat teacher as well as a certified RYT 200hr Yoga teacher from One Song Yoga School.

White Crane Silat is the Signature Martial Art and self defense system developed at the PGB Persatuan Gerak Badan School in Bogor, West Java Indonesia. The school was founded in the 1950’s and Its lineage dates back to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and is a a combination of about 6 different Martial Arts. Come move, play, laugh, sweat and connect through embodied awareness through movement meditation.

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