Pranoto was born in a small village outside Solo, Central Java in 1952. He was driven to be an artist from an early age, so he moved to Ubud, Bali in 1974 to pursue his dream. He changed course from his background in batik to be a painter and nothing else. He was successful in his ambitions and has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout Indonesia.

As an early arrival in Bali, he has been a support to many artists settling in Bali, also providing advice and guidance. Over the years he has collected his friends' work, which is what led to the establishment of Pranoto's Art Gallery in 1996. This has been a wonderful project, not only for the presentation of his collection, but for solo and group exhibitions, and the model sessions that take place twice a week at the gallery.

Pranoto has always enjoyed experimenting with different techniques and media, constantly adding new skills to his repertoire.

Pranoto's work reflects his colour sensitivity and passion to capture the presentation of light, which creates a luminous glow to his figures.

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