Setsuo Miyashita

Classical Indian Music & Fusion


Setsuo Miyashita is a disciple of the world renowned santoor Maestro Padma Vibhusha Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. He is a santoor, a hammer dulcimar player and a music therapist. He has been studying santoor of Indian classical music from his Guru Pandit Shivkumar Sharma for 25 years. Setsuo organized multiple tours in Japan for Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma with Rahul Sharma. He established Indian classical music and dance center Sara Sojin Gifu in 1996 introducing and popularizing Indian classical music, dance, culture and spiritualism.He has performed santoor concerts around the world, including holy shrines and temples throughout Japan, the Dhrupad Mela and for the late Kaviraji Ashtosh Bhatacharia memorial concert in Varanasi. Setsuo received the Baiju Babra music festival award for contribution through playing santoor he is sending blissful and peaceful sound vibration to the all beings on the earth.

This year Setsuo will be on stage collaboration with Daphne Tse, DJ Keigo, Momoko Nagano and Hiroyuki Matsuhisa

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