Electronic Music


Sifoux has lived in Bali for close to a decade. This is his home. He spent his life growing up in Singapore having to endure listening to elevator music mostly. When he saw a break, he fled to art school and went on to live and work in the US and Hawaii for more than decade. Upon returning to Asia and Bali, an awakening kindled within, finding expression through music. Sifoux started travelling and performing his songs in Asia and Europe. Most recently, during a serious motorcycle accident, he was left immobilized. With no other options for salvation, he buried himself deep in the studio, composing and writing songs. Together with Aleceo, his amazingly talented producer - they have been recording for the last 3 months. Working mostly deep into the night, when the roosters are asleep. Sifoux's songs are embedded with Ukulele, electronica and deep dance rhythms. They are songs about love, conscious awakening, and guacamole. As well as all the journeys of human foibles in between.

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