Soul & Kith

Deep Dark Indie


Soul & Kith is a “Deep Dark Indie” duo project from Bali - Indonesia. With Aik (vocal/guitar) and Ardy on (Guitar / back vocal), Soul & Kith is ready to give you a unique sense from they music. "Soul & Kith", which in other languages is called Folk, means friends and family, formed by the same interests and the same taste of music, finally at the end of 2017 they agreed formed as "Soul & Kith band". Starting from that point Soul & Kith starts working on their first single, "Dream Away" and soon they will release their first EP called "Kaca Muka" Soul & Kith will give a different sense of music, uses simple lyrics with a deep sense in each song, Soul & Kith can persuade the audience to enter the song to freely imagine with the views and feelings generated from every tone that comes out of the music played by Soul & Kith. With a strong Aik voice character and a simple guitar ambient played by Ardy, Soul & Kith tries to give a new flavor to the world of Indie music in Indonesia.

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