Sukhi Saini



Sukhi's empathic & intuitive being allows you to rest in her presence as she guides you into a safe & nourishing space where all is welcome. She believes water is the soul of the earth as un-plugging in this specific element has proven to be one of her deepest wisdom teachers in life. As a practitioner of Wataflow, Water Healing, Authentic Relating, Dance & Yoga she is guided through different mediums to intuitively mentor and is deeply honoured to be in service of your evolution. Her trainers are Michael Hallock: Water Healing Dance as well as Oceano Salvatore, the Founder of Wataflow.

Wataflow combines the essence of various aquatic and energetic therapies including Watsu, Aguahara, Janzu, Qigong, Shiatsu, massage & dance meditation.

Every session is unique, like each individual and the experience, unpredictably beautiful!

As the water melts away your perception of shape, time and space the techniques open the receiver to a blissful weightlessness and stillness in movement.

"You will journey deep through the inner landscapes of forgotten realms to remember the perfect river of life already flowing and dancing within"

This year Sukhi will be co-teaching with Oceano

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