Tom Lang

Writer, Speaker, Communication Trainer

USA/ Bali

Tom Lang divides his time between Ubud, Bali, and Haines, Alaska, where Tom has worked for over 25 years as the senior river guide in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, home to the largest gathering of American Bald Eagles in the world. Tom's funny, inspirational animal books have been praised by naturalists, educators and nature lovers as a unique, creative way to understand the iconic creatures of the world. As a communications specialist and consultant, Tom has trained thousands of guides in nature, tuned up eco-tourism companies in the Caribbean and transitioned Alaskan native logging communities into profitable and renewable tourism-based economies.

A devoted yoga practitioner since 1991, Tom’s book, The Great Guiding Principles for Yoga Teachers, is a staple in many yoga teacher trainings. Tom’s latest book is How to Write a Love Letter, based on love letter workshops Tom has led over the last few years.
“A great love letter can open hearts, build bridges, and heal wounds. Although a great picture may be worth a thousand words, well thought out and well-written words are able to paint an emotional masterpiece for the receiver and the creator of those words. A picture, especially a picture in our heads, fades over time. Sincere words are etched forever in the arteries that feed our hearts. Especially, the words in a love letter.”—Tom Lang

There are love notes and love letters and love stories. In his workshop, Tom Lang will help you build a love letter full of little love notes to tell a love story to everyone in your life, be it partner, family or friends.

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